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  • Grand Theft Auto Beautiful Chaos by Stewart Waterson

GTA: Beautiful Chaos

By |10/12/2021|13 Comments

Welcome to the first article of the series, as Stewart explores entering the gaming industry, joining the GTA team, and successfully co-conspiring to sneak the franchise-defining mayhem into the game.

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REVIEW: Strange Horticulture

26/01/2022|1 Comment

I ate these darned herbs and they cured my plant-blindness. It’s mid-January in the arse end of England, and I take a walk. I’m wrapped in everything I own that’s made of wool to baffle [...]

Strange Sickness (2021) – Review

16/01/2022|0 Comments

Strange Sickness is a game created in 2021 by Common Profyt Games. This is a game that experiments with digital storytelling and incorporating historical research into a digital medium, so as well as playing a [...]


07/12/2021|1 Comment

Roki is a wonderfully charming title from Cambridge based developer, Polygon Treehouse. The studio was founded in 2017 with an objective to create narrative led artistic games, which is certainly what they have achieved.


18/12/2020|0 Comments

New Beginnings Can you believe that already in Europe its been a month since the PlayStation 5 launched. This Next Gen console launch however was unlike any other with the COVID 19 Pandemic looming a [...]

Road Rash – Retro Review

28/11/2020|0 Comments

Hello everyone today's game is Road Rash for the 3DO Developed and Published by EA Released in 1994. Summary: this is one game that I was so jealous of my brother owing on his 3DO. [...]

Space Invaders – Retro Review

19/11/2020|0 Comments

Hello everyone today's game is Space Invaders for the Arcade. Developed and published by Taito released in 1978. Summary: I feel like I don't have to say anything here. This game is so iconic and [...]

WipeOut: Omega Collection

19/11/2020|0 Comments

Are you ready? PS4 Exclusive, VR capable Okay, hands up: Who remembers thrashing their siblings on a version of the WipeOut franchise? That deliriously trippy racing franchise, armed with breackneck visuals and an amazing [...]

Splatterhouse – Retro Review

12/11/2020|0 Comments

Hello everyone today's game is Splatterhouse for the Arcade Developed and Published by Namco Released in 1988. Summary: being a huge horror fan this game has always been one of my favourite arcade games. Splatterhouse [...]

Ghostrunner Review

11/11/2020|0 Comments

I ain't afraid of no ghost....runner. Well, you should be. Ghostrunner also known as Jack is one katana wielding, slip and sliding, wall running bonafide badass. No game comes to mind that truly make you [...]

Pumpkin Jack Review

02/11/2020|0 Comments

By Ultan K Developed by solo developer Nicolas Meyssonnier blasts you back to sheer nostalgia of long gone 3rd person action platformers. Instantly I was taken back to fond memories of one of my favourite [...]

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