What I like about the Nintendo Switch these days is how it’s becoming a secondary home to some of the best “shmups” on the market. Layer Section, Deathsmiles, Dodonpachi Resurrection, Twin Hawk, Sky Shark… No matter where you look, there’s always something new you can add to your collection. That also includes offerings from the indie side.

The team at RedDeerGames have crafted a tough-as-hell yet incredibly affordable shooter for the Switch that takes its inspiration from retro games before it. P.3 is a game that you shouldn’t take lightly. However, you get quite a bit of bang for your buck from it, and provided you don’t hurl your controller across the room from its difficulty, you’ll have a good time with it.

P.3 Tough As Nails

The first thing you’re going to need to accept about P.3 is its unique control style. You won’t be using the control stick at all. Instead, you use two buttons. One to go left, one to go right. Dassit. That’s the control scheme.

And it’s not that simple either. You’ll need to react quickly as levels go on. Not only are you dodging gunfire that’s incoming from enemies, but also the shifting of the stages themselves. You’ll need to avoid walls and other obstacles that come at you at a rapid pace.

You’re just going to need accept this. You’re going to die. It’s unavoidable. But the cool thing here is the progressive angle and what you can unlock as you continue, making your ship a formidable home of absolute firepower. You’ll need it too, because the game is tough, as we’ve mentioned.

If you’re willing to put up with it, however, P.3 surprisingly offers a lot of replay value. As you build up, you’ll find the game more to your liking. You can also build up a pretty nice score as well. If that’s your thing, you should add this to your collection without hesitation. If not, well, there are easier shooters on the market.

Not a Bad Looking Retro Shooter

So just because P.3 is a budget-priced shooter, you might automatically assume it’s got budget looks. But, surprise, RedDeerGames loads it with a good looking presentation.

The game definitely wears its retro heart on its sleeve, particularly with its neat ship and enemy designs. They look like they would straight from the NES era. The levels look terrific as well, especially with the way they change up later in the game.

I’m loving the music as well. It really sounds like an old-school soundtrack, right down to the neat little explosions that go off in the background. If you can, get yourself a headset for this one.

P.3 is Jam Packed, and Worth the Cash

While P.3 isn’t quite recommended for those that love their temper all too easily, it’s a must for those of you craving a “shmup” challenge. It’s loads of fun and has replay value galore, not to mention a presentation straight out of the days of retro. And its low price of $6 U.S. isn’t too shabby either. If you live and breathe shooters like this, we know the Switch has more than enough to choose from. But be sure to add this little gem to your list.

Gamerhub Rating for P.3: 4/5

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