On February 27th, better known as Pokémon Day. Pokémon, the highest grossing media franchise of all time, dropped us a sludge bomb of information regarding the new mainline games releasing this year. Pokémon Scarlet and Violet. Now, today, Pokémon have released a new gameplay trailer for Pokémon Scarlet and Violet. There was some scepticism as to whether or not these games would really launch later this year, but the marketing continuation does seem to suggest that they will be going ahead!

Pokémaniacs rejoice at new Pokémon games

To recap on some of the things we learned from the previous trailer, Pokémon Scarlet and Violet seemingly looks to have built on the ‘evolution’ brought in by Pokémon Legends: Arceus, Pokémon Scarlet and Violet are set to have a full open world, in warm tropical lands where wild Pokémon can be found anywhere.  The designs of the new starters are the best in years, paying homage to the original gen 1 & 2 designs (which are also by far the best ones). The water-type duck Pokémon as, Quaxly draws massive parallels to that of Farfetche’d. Fuecoco, the fire-type starter, resembling both Charmander and Totodile. Whilst Sprigatito, the grass-type, looks like a mashup of an Eeveelution and Meowth. The designs of these new starters have been stripped back and simplistic much like the gens 1&2! Of course all of this we found out in the original trailer released back in February. To read about this more see our news piece on it here.

NEW Pokemon Scarlet & Violet trailer

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So, what did we learn from the new Pokemon Scarlet and Violet trailer. Well, much like Pokemon Gold and Silver, we have two professors. New ones at that – Professors Sada and Turo. There was no indication as to what kind of roles they play, they could even be heads of in-game factions. But most likely each game has it’s own main Professor. Next we learned that players will be able to play online together. This includes battling & trading, but it would be seriously cool if there was a coop element too!

New Pokemon electric type

We also got a glimpse at some new Pokemon…

Lechonk new pokemon

As well as some returning fan favourites, such as Mareep, Flaffy and Ampheros. There were a variety of new biomes shown too. A desert biome, a tropical biome, a snowy biome and a dark biome. This, is something consistent throughout Pokémon but is nice to see they keep the variation and justifies more certain Pokémon being found in certain areas.

Book your vacation days now Pokemon Scarlet and Violet releases Friday 18th of November 2022

At the end of the trailer the release date of Friday 18th of November 2022 was given, along with… The eagerly anticipated release of the new legendries. And they look EPIC! On a personal level, these are by far my favourite in recent years, from a design point of view, as we don’t know much else about them. The footage was not from in game, but still gave fans plenty to be excited about from a design POV.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet legendries

There have been rumours going round on a Dragon/Fighting & Dragon/Electric, but nothing has yet been confirmed although, based on the designs these look like they could be quite accurate. We will be sure to update you as you information is released.