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  • Grand Theft Auto Beautiful Chaos by Stewart Waterson

GTA: Beautiful Chaos

By |10/12/2021|13 Comments

Welcome to the first article of the series, as Stewart explores entering the gaming industry, joining the GTA team, and successfully co-conspiring to sneak the franchise-defining mayhem into the game.

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  • Redfall logo for feature img
Blood Trailing Redfall Updates

30/06/2022|0 Comments

Bethesda have just dropped another update on Redfall following the June 12th & 14th info drops from the Xbox and Bethesda Showcase. Before we go into that, just to recap... Redfall is an open [...]

  • HYENAS black logo feature image
NEW game HYENAS announced with trailer

23/06/2022|0 Comments

On June 22nd Creative Assembly announced and dropped the trailer for their upcoming game, HYENAS, a new multiplayer sci-fi FPS. HYENAS sees players team up to steal priceless pop culture loot from the Mars billionaires [...]

  • FLASHOUT 3 Feature Image
FLASHOUT 3 to support VR at launch

07/06/2022|1 Comment

UPDATE on FLASHOUT 3 The 'Ultimate anti-gravity racer' FLASHOUT 3 is expected to support VR and motion platform simulators from day one, new information has shown. The information comes courtesy of the developers themselves, who [...]

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The Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pack Continues To Go Beyond Expectations – And It’s Not Slowing Down

So you may recall late last year when Nintendo announced [...]

By |04/07/2022|0 Comments

Totally Radical New Details Released For TMNT: Shredder’s Revenge In Behind The Scenes Video, Dude

Publisher Dotemu and developer Tribute Games outline their vision for evolving the timeless fun of side-scrolling brawlers in new TMNT game.

By |22/05/2022|0 Comments

An action adventure game with a focus on exploration Spheriums launches Kickstarter Campaign!

Spheriums is a beautiful game with stylised graphics. It is an original game, but can be likened to Astroneer, Journey To The Savage Planet, Empyrion and The Gunk. Find out about the lore and gameplay from developer Braintonik's Kickstarter Campaign!

By |18/05/2022|0 Comments

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