Want to know our thought process behind those nice gold stars? Well, read on!

There are many ways to review a game and no one way is incorrect. Well, if you review it without playing it then it’s wrong. Ok, aside from that, there isn’t an incorrect way to review media. In the end, opinion is all that is being offered and any attempt at true objectivity is impossible.

However, it’s good to get an understanding of what the thought process is behind the rating system of a review. After all, it’s easy for gamers in a rush to skip the text and jump straight for that score (although we really do not advise that as a whole lot of nuance is missed from not reading the review, and we really would like you to read them).

So, currently we are using the five-star scale which is pretty straight-forward and a clean metric to work from. It should probably be so obvious that it needs no further explanation. However, it doesn’t do anyone any harm for a little more context behind our rationale for each score. So, here below is a brief summary of the standard thinking behind each star rating.


This is the pinnacle of its genre and/or its platform. Where there are any nitpicks they are inconsequential in the grand scheme of things – it’s an essential purchase/play for anyone remotely interested in this style of game.


This is a jolly good time and is a mostly well made product with only a few niggling issues that may detract from the experience. It may be an excellent iteration of something that has come before but is not necessarily ground-breaking enough to warrant that last star.


This is a qualified recommendation. It can be enjoyed by most fans of the series or genre but there is undoubtedly a fundamental flaw which needs to be overlooked to really provide a satisfying experience. It’s likely not something you want to pay full price for but could be worth a look at a discount.


This is where the flaws are too numerous to ultimately recommend and the experience is not worth it. It can have some qualities that work really well but to overlook the issues surrounding them would take the most ardent of players. Even a discounted price may be too much for this as there will already be greater alternatives out there.


This is abysmal. No part of this is a functioning game or the experience is so broken that it is ruinous to any potential enjoyment. It could be offensive that it was released in this condition and should be considered some sort of punishment to endure. Avoid at all costs.

So, there you have it folks! Pretty simple, eh? We will of course take any feedback on this and be happy to answer any questions on the rating system so feel free to reach out to us!