After some time in Early Access, Braintonik Game Studios are gearing up towards V1.0, as well as Xbox Series versions soon after

Spheriums has been in development by Braintonik for just under 2 years. After some time in early access and many player feedback based updates/improvements, Braintonik are looking towards releasing the full game late this summer and the Xbox Series versions just after, in early fall.

The Sci-Fi action adventure game Spheriums is set across six different, enchanting worlds. The player character Arcos, is the last hope for the Spherium race. By digging in to the history of the Spheriums you discover the technology you require to defeat The Drainers, the Spheriums sworn enemy, to stop them from depleting your worlds natural resources you require.

Fight over 50 different types of enemy, solve puzzles, discover technological upgrades and save Spheria from certain doom. Spheriums is a very visually stimulating game, with beautiful, stylised visuals that make it super accessible to players of all ages. It has a wonderfully matched sound design too for calm and relaxing gameplay, followed by moments of chaos!

Gamerhub are very lucky to be able to show you the FIRST LOOK at Xbox Series X footage!

FIRST LOOK at Spheriums on Xbox Series X

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Aside from the pretty visuals and satisfying sound design, Spheriums has a brilliant gameplay and combat loop. In the first person perspective, players will engage Arcos in a number of fights. But in Spheriums it is not a one gun destroys all, you will need to ensure you are using the right tool for the right job, so to speak. Shoot, discover, platform and problem solve your way through this delightful game.

We have got to learn a lot about the the development and the inspiration behind Spheriums. This has come from, playthroughs, ‘let’s plays’ and developer interviews. If you are keen to learn more about Spheriums, take a look at our interview with Braintonik on YouTube, or for more visit their Steam page. Gamerhub should have more information coming on the performance targets for Spheriums soon, so keep an eye out for that too.