TSMEU-6 bikes, new questlines and crystal Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

The Pokémon Company shared more information with us on their highly anticipated new mainline games Pokémon Scarlet & Violet. On Wednesday August 3rd the world was treated to a [...]

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PlayStation 3D TV vs. Samsung GXTV- What’s the Best Dedicated Video Game Television?

These days, when you want to play video games, you usually buy a television that’s capable of handling the many features you can get out of your system. That [...]

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Will 2023 be the REAL start of the ‘next generation’ of gaming

The next generation of consoles started in November 2020, but we have yet to see any AAA next gen games. Could 2023 be the year to change that? The generation [...]

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The Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pack Continues To Go Beyond Expectations – And It’s Not Slowing Down

So you may recall late last year when Nintendo announced the Expansion Pack add-on to its Nintendo Switch Online service, and you could hear most gamers groan when they announced [...]

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