Turbo Overkill Blasts onto Steam Early Access

Turbo Overkill

A hyper-fast-paced cyberpunk first-person shooter named Turbo Overkill has now blasted its way onto Steam Early Access, with other consoles looking to get a piece of the action late this year.

Turbo Overkill is a game set to deliver a mix of both retro and modern graphics, delivering players a reimagination of the ‘golden years of gaming. Within its Early Access stage, players can expect to take action in either stages, along with secret areas and a variety of character upgrades and unlockable content for up to either hours of gameplay – with more to follow within the coming months.

“To this day, the classic shooters I grew up on are still masterclasses in tight, focused design,” said Sam Prebble, one-half of Trigger Happy Interactive. “Turbo Overkill kneels at the altar of the greats, but I admire how modern games give us more ways to express ourselves. I can’t wait to see how players and their badass creativity blow my levels wide open.”

Check out Turbo Overkill on Steam Early Access by clicking here.

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