FLASHOUT 3 DEMO now available

‘Ultimate anti-gravity racer’ – FLASHOUT 3 now has a playable demo out, via Steam! In FLASHOUT 3 high speed meets high stakes.

Could Flashout 3 fill the FZERO shaped holes in our hearts?

Arcade racers have somewhat dropped off in recent years, both in volume and popularity. The most notable to release regularly being Forza Horizon. But even Forza Horizon or Need For Speed, despite having an arcadey feel, still are becoming truer and truer to life. For years anti-gravity racers such as FZERO and even Star Wars podracer were hugely popular and garnered universal acclaim, but have somewhat disappeared in recent years… That is where FLASHOUT 3 comes in.

FLASHOUT 3 blends high speed, zero gravity racing with intense dogfights

The combat in FLASHOUT 3 is unforgiving… Loud electronic music and addictive boosts of adrenaline mix up to separate winners from losers. FLASHOUT 3 offers you ultra-fast ships, loops, jumps and sudden razor-sharp turns! Test your skills on the most impressive sci-fi racing tracks and try not to fall behind! Much like Mario Kart though, being at the back can have it’s advantages, with whole arsenal of machine guns rockets and mines at your disposal to help you catch up.

If you are interested in trying before you buy, developer JujuBee have provided a playable and free demo version available via Steam! The demo features one circuit, known as ‘Star City’, one ship and 3 types of weapon! A full 3 laps race, with enemies and explosive action! Check out the online rankings too, to see how you matchup compared to your friends.

FLASHOUT 3 is coming to PC and consoles (Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4/5, Xbox One, Series X|S). The game will launch this year. The launch of the PC version is scheduled for September 22, 2022. FLASHOUT 3 will also look to support VR at launch, find out more here.

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Check out the trailer below

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