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The Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pack Continues To Go Beyond Expectations – And It’s Not Slowing Down

So you may recall late last year when Nintendo announced the Expansion Pack add-on to its Nintendo Switch Online service, and you could hear most gamers groan when they announced [...]

By |2022-07-04T10:45:13+01:0004/07/2022|Feature, Nintendo Switch|0 Comments

Horgihugh and Friends Review (Nintendo Switch): This Pup’s Got Pep

Call it a “cute-em-up” if you will, but there’s something neat and special about Horgihugh and Friends. Part cartoon and part hardcore shooter, Horgihugh is a work of pure imagination. Playing through it, [...]

By |2022-06-22T15:58:27+01:0022/06/2022|Nintendo Switch, Reviews|0 Comments

Final Vendetta Review: This Is Not the Greatest Brawler In the World, This Is Just a Tribute

The Bitmap Bureau has done quite well for itself on the indie market, merely by channeling the classic game design of old into fresh new releases. These include Battle Axe and Xeno Crisis, [...]

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