Spheriums is a beautiful game with stylised graphics. It is an original game, but can be likened to Astroneer, Journey To The Savage Planet, Empyrion and The Gunk. Using it’s wonderful artstyle and emotive colour palette, the game creates a stunning visual atmosphere that creates an air of mystery, danger and beauty. Spheriums is a single-player adventure set in a series of enchanting worlds! As Arcos, the last hope of the Spherium race, you will embark on a journey to save your dying homeworld from its depleting energy sources. You will discover the Elders’ secrets by exploring six strange and very different worlds. To rescue your civilization, you will need to find old weapon technologies, upgrade your equipment, gather resources, solve puzzles, and defeat many unique creatures. Over 50 different kinds!

Spheriums Plot & Lore

Spheriums are sentient, energy-based creatures, from Spheria. They are floating spheres of pure energy that evolved in a state-of-the-art technological society, with almost boundless powers in the form of powerful implants. However, big trouble came with these powers after The Great War. To avoid the extinction of their civilization, the Elders decided to hide their knowledge about these implants.

The Elders are the founders of Spheria. Eons ago, Spheriums were at their peak of technological advancement and cultural richness. At one point, a species called the Drainers tried to invade Spheria. The Elders created a series of powerful implants to be integrated into their energy sphere to defeat the Drainers. Unfortunately, shortly after their victory over the Drainers, those implants became too dangerous for their civilization, as the Spheriums started to fight each other. This was called the Great War. The Elders decided to remove and hide those implants to save Spheria. Since then, peace has prevailed in this universe.

The Drainers are the sworn enemy of the Spheriums. Before the Great War, they had been defeated once but have recently reappeared after so many generations of peace. These fast-moving alien creatures come in different shapes and forms. They are craving more energy to expand and take over new worlds! Our pure energy emitters are their principal targets, as they are easy to convert into their dark energy. Flora & Fauna While playing Spheriums, you will encounter over 50 unique creatures with specific behaviors and susceptibilities to the different weapons available. This provides a challenging gaming experience across four different difficulty levels in the game.

The Emitters are used to gather natural energy from their surrounding areas and convert it to pure energy to be sent to the Spheriums’ homeworld. Most of them need to be freed from the Drainers.

The Nexus are mighty teleporters used to travel between worlds. The Spheriums’ scientists were able to activate an experimental Nexus on their homeworld of Spheria briefly. These scientists used all the energy they could access and sent Arcos directly to Korala to start his investigation.


You are playing as Arcos. He was chosen by a group of scientists who believed he could save the Spherium civilization. To help you, these scientists have incorporated an AI implant, named Kindra, into your energy sphere!

The Spheriums Universe


Korala is a vast island, covered by dense grass over big mountains and plateaus, with a dangerous water fluid surrounding it. Various kinds of vegetation cover the island. It is known to be the home of exotic species of plants and creatures. The Spheriums’ scientists believe that the Elders built the first energy-transmitting emitter on Korala.

Showing the world of Korala in Spheriums


Meolia is a beautiful world with massive, exotic islands floating very high in the sky. Some islands have hidden entrances to underground areas that contain rare mineral resources. Various plants and species are unique to this world.

Showing Meolia from Spheriums


Mazir is an arid world with scarce vegetation and a few desert-like areas supposedly hosting dangerous giant worms. Due to low precipitation, this is a world with only a few resources but still hosting plants and creatures fighting for their survival.

Spheriums world of Mazir


Zeros is a spooky world of eternal darkness. Having no natural lighting from a sun, it is very unfriendly and was occupied strictly for its rare resources and abundant capability in energy production.

Spheriums world of Zeros


Dilara is a world abundant in resources. It has many islands are thriving with vegetation, and its undergrounds are rich in rare minerals.

Spheriums world of Dilara


Kogrus is the world with the largest energetic capacity. However, it is so barren that no indigenous life is present, and the facilities to extract this energy require all of the available scientific advancements of the Spheriums.

Spheriums word of Kogrus

Spheriums game design

The game fuses the hi-tempo of action and adventure with the calming nature of exploration. Players will find traversing the open worlds cathartic with bright colours and gentle music as you explore the alien worlds. Upon encountering enemies, there is a sudden shift from calm to intense; as the music tempo picks up, the game will engage the player in a heavy combat situation. The combat in Spheriums is slick, smooth and engaging. You have to be strategic when encountering large numbers of enemies when it comes to shooting down your opposition, it is not one gun fits all. Be sure you have found and equipped the right weapon!

Spheriums is a wonderful game to pick up and play no matter what mood you are in, it has something to appeal to multiple mindsets. If you are mentally overloaded and want something calmer, you can quite happily enjoy a session playing Spheriums. Alternatively, if you want some crazy hectic combat bouncing around shooting everywhere, you can find this too.

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Gameplay trailer for V1.0

While Spheriums is focused around exploration and combat, there are some puzzles to solve and mysteries to discover. Be sure to make use of the scan functionality, as well as your map.

The game was designed with family accessibility in mind. Strange creatures and fauna with no earth-like reference make Spheriums family friendly. You never know what you will discover…

Spheriums is a very exciting, ever expanding project being worked on by a team who value and respond incredibly well to player feedback. Expect a Gamerhub review for this game in the coming days. If you would like to support Braintonik’s Kickstarter for Spheriums, check out their Spheriums Kickstarter Page. Where there goals are clearly laid out for you to read up on. Or follow the link to buy or Wishlist now via Steam.

Keep up with the development of Spheriums – via Braintoniks Facebook, Twitter or YouTube. Or if you want, join the community via Discord.