Xbox and Bethesda announce summer showcase!

Xbox and bethesda showcase official artwork ads

With the cancellation of E3 this year, people were wondering where they’d be getting their
injection of gaming news this summer. Well Xbox and Bethesda have announced their
showcase this year which is on June 12 th at 10am PT (6pm UK time).

Xbox themselves have been mostly quiet since the release of Halo Infinite, this would be the
first showing of a collection of games since their E3 showcase in 2021 with an ID@Xbox in
March 2022.

Popcorn out for the latest and greatest Xbox and Bethesda titles coming

So what can we expect? Obviously Xbox themselves aren’t gonna give anything away (except for the seemingly obvious Starfield hint in the advert artwork…).

A quote from the announcement post on the Xbox Wire page reads “The Xbox & Bethesda
Games Showcase will include everything you need to know about the diverse line-up of
games coming soon to the Xbox ecosystem, including upcoming releases to Game Pass on
Xbox and PC,”

Seeing Starfield is almost a given, but are we gonna get more on Fable, State of Decay 3, Forza Motorsport, Hellblade 2 or Perfect Dark? Perhaps we will even hear about the rumoured Mandalorian game that is said to be in development as an Xbox exclusive…? It’s almost a guarantee that there will be Game Pass news, but what about new acquisitions? Or the statement that gets any gaming fan excited “and it’s available right now!” Calling now that this could happen for Redfall, (or at least a beta test) but this is a complete guess. I can feel the excitement already! Until then all we can do is speculate, see you on June 12th!

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