So you may recall late last year when Nintendo announced the Expansion Pack add-on to its Nintendo Switch Online service, and you could hear most gamers groan when they announced it would be $49.99 for a full year’s subscription. But here’s the thing – Nintendo continues to validate that price. In fact, it continues to make it even much more of a value.

Now, of course, you’re going to get those critics complaining that some of the games just aren’t “worth it” and to hide additional games behind a higher paywall is just a cheap tactic. But let’s look at what the service has done over the last six months, and how it can continue to validate itself for the better.

A Nintendo 64 Library At Your Fingertips

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While it may not have every Nintendo 64 game you could want (anytime you want to show up, Rush 2), the Nintendo 64 portion of Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pack is impressive. Each month, Nintendo’s added yet another classic to the service for players to enjoy, from Banjo-Kazooie to Paper Mario 64 to Kirby 64. And it’s not done yet, as future updates will likely bring even more obscure titles down the road.

But the selection is really something. We get popular favorites like Ocarina of Time and Super Mario 64, as well as obscure titles like Sin and Punishment and even a little bit of Winback for those that want to dive back in.

So what’s to come? Well, there are those rumors that Goldeneye could make a comeback, with online play intact. If that’s the case, it’s sure to be a hit for the service. Plus there are possibilities galore, like Wipeout 64, Ridge Racer 64 and so many others.

Say what you want about emulation issues at the start of the service, but Nintendo has smoothed those over and made its N64 portion of the Expansion Pack something to savor. It’s almost as good as owning the real deal – though we do prefer the feel of those cartridges in our hands.

Genesis Does!

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When the Sega Genesis portion of Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pack debuted, some players weren’t so impressed by the game selection that was available – at first. But it has since grown into its own avenue of awesome titles.

For instance, MUSHA. That game is incredibly tough to find right now, so being able to pop it on your TV with Expansion Pack is a nice touch. Not to mention Alien Soldier, a real Treasure treat that’s hard to come by in physical form, lest you pay for a reproduction copy from Etsy.

But lately, Nintendo’s been paying more attention to fan favorites to add to the service, and it shows. Recently, it provided an update that brought cult hits Comix Zone and Target Earth. But it also emerged with two Japan-only classics for all to enjoy – the amazing Zero Wing and the rare treat Mega Man: The Wily Wars.

As the months go on, the Sega Genesis portion of Expansion Pack can really grow out on the level of, say, the classic Sega Channel service. We’re talking Pulseman, Golden Axe III, and a number of other favorites that never got a chance on the market. Who knows, we might even some Sega CD games out of it in the months ahead, like Silpheed.

It’s just great to see the fan service start to pour in and the Sega Genesis part of Expansion Pack get some love. It really deserves it.

And What’s To Come…

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Now the real question is where will the Expansion Pack go next?

Well, we’ve already seen some crucial add-ons for Splatoon 2, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and Animal Crossingthat are impressive. There’s always room for more as well, especially with Splatoon 3 on the horizon and potential new activities for Nintendo Switch Sports.

But there are also new platforms to consider. There’s been talk about Nintendo exploring both the Game Boy and Game Boy Advance on the service, introducing more classics for fans to enjoy. And then, of course, there’s the elusive GameCube portion, which could literally be introduced any day now. That alone would validate the higher price for Expansion Pack, if it’s not validated already.

The critics will no doubt linger out there and complain that $50 to play classic games is too much. But you get some overwhelming value here, and it continues to pay off with each new addition. That doesn’t mean you have to get it, obviously. But those that indulge will certainly find more than enough worth here.