Yasuke – Black Ronin stars Yasuke the Legendary African Samurai, in an exciting tactical RPG on Android and iOS. A game inspired by real history and the gameplay of Final Fantasy Tactics! This charming tactical RPG oozes style and fun.

Follow the story of Yasuke as he serves the great Oda Nobunaga

Indie studio Sankofa Games is excited to announce the brand-new free to play mobile tactical RPG Yasuke – Black Ronin, which is available on iOS and Android mobile operating systems. Yasuke – Black Ronin is a story-driven RPG, featuring turn-based battles in a 2D isometric grid. Embark on an expedition that will see you come before the great daimyo Oda Nobunaga, while fighting in the events that will shape the future of the Sengoku period in Japan. Lead your party of heroes, each one with distinct abilities and skills, allowing you to use multiple battle strategies to achieve victory!

Yasuke - Black Ronin

The battle grid is fully zoomable and adjustable with each grid different. This means that every battle provides a unique experience and will require you to think tactically. Yasuke – Black Ronin will feature an upcoming multiplayer mode that will allow players to face-off against each other. Strategy can and will make or break each battle. React to your opponents strategy and mastermind the perfect battle plan. Be sure to make the most of directional and elevated attacks. Use your positioning to your advantage, we all know about the importance of the high ground. Be sure to make use of character`s performance attributes, skills, and heightened abilities

Obi Wan has the high ground
To remind you of the tactical importance of high ground

Check out the gameplay trailer below!

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Some words from developers Sankofa Games

There are definitely multiple themes that inspire Yasuke – Black Ronin (YBR). From a gaming perspective, we certainly took inspiration from Final Fantasy Tactics (which I remember playing growing up), as it relates to the basic setup and operation (elevation, directional attacks, etc). However, I think the driving force and the heart of the game surrounds the real-life story of Yasuke himself, an African brought to Japan at a time of general upheaval and when foreigners were mostly unwelcome. We really tried to think through the circumstances of someone like Yasuke coming into the service of Oda Nobunaga (the most powerful warlord in Japan at that time), and how that situation and relationship would develop. We think that’s really the core of the story of the game, and will serve as our guiding light going forward.

Developing a new, fairly idiosyncratic game in terms of theme and genre is never easy as an indie developer, and we’ve certainly had numerous challenges to overcome to get to this initial launch point, which I almost consider a success in and of itself! We feel really good about being able to develop a game and tell a story with perhaps a bit more diversity than you would normally see in the genre, and it’s our hope that we’ll be successful enough in our initial launch to allow us roll out the multiplayer feature and subsequent chapters to the story and gameplay, but therein lies the challenge!

Christopher Amana, Chief Executive, Sankofa Games

When asked about a potential release on consoles…

We are laser-focussed on mobile at the moment, which we ultimately want to use as a springboard for everything we do. However, if the right partnership opportunity were to develop, I could certainly see us working with someone to expand our reach into consoles or other mediums. Stay tuned.

Christopher Amana, Chief Executive, Sankofa Games

Yasuke – Black Ronin is available on iOS App Store and the Google Play Store. For more information,
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