It’s an exciting time of year in the gaming industry, with developers showing off the fruits of their labour, debuting a trailer for the first time, or showing game play. One thing that does not grab the headlines this time of year (but we believe should) is studios announcing that they are working on NEW games! Often, these come to the public eye in form of job ads, but this time of year these exciting bits sadly get overlooked by gamers and developers alike due to the onslaught of trailers, demos etc. This one in particular caught our eye, and is probably quite far out at the moment due to the studio looking to recruit more experts to join their already talented team; but we will outline what we do know! The game is Codenamed Veil and from what has been described about Veil by development studio Graewolv, there is plenty for gamers and any developers looking for a new challenge to be excited about. Veil is set to be an immersive co-op experience, likened to ‘F.E.A.R meets Deus Ex!’ Definitely a cool concept and those are two games that many in the community want to see more of… Sounds like a really awesome opportunity for any member of the game development community to be a part of a game that is bound to excite gamers.

About Veil

As previously stated, ‘Veil’ is best described as an amalgamation of F.E.A.R meets Deus Ex. It is to be an immersive sim (imsim), tactical shooter and horror game, where players must find and use a variety of different solutions that works for their specific teams, in order to progress through the game. This sounds like there will be plenty of cool in game mechanics for players to experiment with and master. Trial and error is key, but everything tried by the player all feeds back into their unique personal narrative, to tie gaming sessions together. Lovers of dynamic worlds with real choice and consequence, this game sounds like it is for you. Veil takes a systemic approach to storytelling; the world reacts to your decisions, and the narrative comes to life with your actions.

About Graewolv

Graewolv are a independent developer, based in sunny Malta. The company was founded by a select group of gaming industry veterans, encompassing talent from Paradox Interactive and Ignited Artists among many other well known names in the gaming industry. Graewolv and their team strive to create unique and immersive games, whilst ensuring they maintain a mainstream appeal in these games to hit mass markets, something that Veil sounds like it will achieve. Graewolv’s interactive entertainment is created based on proprietary designs. They are an inclusive, equal-opportunity employer, and are looking for exceptional individuals who share their love for tactical shooters, “Immersive Sims”, horror, and the occult. For more information on Veil and Graewolv, visit their website.

There are current opportunities to join this talented team and work on an exciting and unique game which can be found in the links below, with company perks such as…

  • 24 days vacation + National Holidays
  • Co-Founder Equity
  • Partaking in the employee option pool
  • Help to find 3 months accommodation, paid for by Graewolv
  • One-way plane ticket to Malta
  • Shipment of personal items
  • Medical Insurance

Veil looks set to be an awesome game that will be both fun to play and create! And Graewolv are hiring too! Find out more about their vacancies for a Chief Technical Officer and a Technical Artist.

We can’t wait to find out more about Veil, but will certainly be keeping an ear to the ground for more details to emerge about this exciting project! Have a look below at some of the very intriguing concept art.

Please be advised Veil is currently early in development, in pre-production and we should not expect to see any video footage of the game until Graewolv are ready.

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