MicroProse have just announced that it will be releasing 5 new games, Neyyah, Let Bions Be Bygones, Crossover: Roll for Initiaive, Tiny Football and DROP. There is a lot to cover here, so let’s get into it!


Neyyah is a first-person point-and-click adventure game, developed by solo developer, Aaron Gwynaire of Defy Reality Entertainment. In Neyyah, the player finds themselves thrown into a strange secretive world called Neyyah. The game is set in Neyyah but takes place in a bizarre, almost deserted Archipelago. Players must channel their inner detectives and use careful observation and logic to uncover the mysteries entwined within Neyyah’s peculiar landscapes and bizarre cultures.

In starting Neyyah, the player wakes up from a strange dream, finding themselves transported to a place called Olujay, where you meet Vamir, who sends you to Neyyah in the hope you will be safe there. For reasons you will discover upon your many explorations, Vamir needs you for a matter of great urgency.


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Let Bions be Bygones

Created by new studio Boehemian Pulp, Let Bions be Bygones is an atmospheric narrative future-noir thriller.

The game follows a retired dectective, John Cooper. Having lost everything, hardboiled former detective John Cooper, must take on one last case to finding a missing upper-class girl among the lowest parts of the dystopian city-planet, Terrahive.

Let Bions Be Bygones is a new take on the classic genre and lets the players focus on the story, narrative, and detective work.  Players will be able to choose their own path and grow their characters through different playstyles, with the game featuring multiple endings!

“Welcome to the planet Terrahive. A planet that never should have existed. Completely encrusted in a disease called humanity. Corporate arcologies and space elevators shadow the layers of polluted man-made edifices. Overseen by ancient brains on apparatuses and driven by greed, corruption, progress, and immortality.” 

John Cooper
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Crossover: Roll for Initiative

CrossOver is a tabletop RPG strategy game.

In CrossOver: Roll for Initiative, you must defend your tabletop RPG paper character sheet from invading pixel enemies! Find matches in your tray of dice to power attacks to clear the evil from your shelf full of campaign books. Hardcore match-3 RPG puzzle meets action-strategy tower defence.

CrossOver blends classic concepts from traditionally “casual” genres such as Match 3 and Tower Defence, and crosses them into a new and eccentric hardcore challenge with Strategy, RPG and Puzzle elements.
Playing through the main campaign will give you RPG like progression with spells and attacks to defend your character! CrossOver: Roll for Initiative comes with solo and coop modes for players to take on. Check out the trailer below!


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DROP, by Etherfield Games, is a rogue-like hacking simulator set in a fragmented future.

Playing the game as a freelancer trying to gain fame in DROP. DROP is an anonymous system for hackers. Because you break into digital enclaves, although leaving without a trace, you still find yourself in a conflict between various agencies that could change the world.

DROP enters players into a disconnected cyberpunk world hacking your way through the game, players will get to play a story campaign via unique missions, and procedurally generated side quests which offer almost unlimited play time and fantastic replayability..

Conceptually, this game looks very interesting and the trailer is almost reminiscent of Watchdogs hacking minigames but far more advanced!


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Tiny Football

The immensely fun looking Tiny Football looks to be throwback to old top-down retro football (soccer for all you Americans) games of the 90s. Master the art of passing and shooting, tackles, crosses, throw balls, overhead kicks, free kicks, and more. Compete with 64 national and club teams in a variety of tournaments.

The gameplay is a real challenge, and is achieved by sharing user control with AI assistance to produce passing and shooting based on individual player ability. The randomness of passing and shooting that playing with AI ‘assistance’ can provide means that playing can be… Unpredictable. Fluke goals can and will happen. But this just adds to the excitement of the beautiful game. Make no mistake, this looks like an ultimate party game!


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