Frost Giant Studios secures $20 Million investment for RTS game

represent Frost Giant Studio

Kakao Games continuing to grow

Publisher Kakao Games are continuing to grow their line-up, with talent in their home country of Korea and other international development studios, including Ocean Drive Studio, Second Dive, NINEARK, Reality MagiQ, and now a ‘strategic investment’ in US based Frost Giant Studios.

Kakao Games are happy to announce a $20 million strategic investment into American independent game developer Frost Giant Studios. The $20 Million will help fund a promising real-time strategy (RTS) title that the studio is working on.

Old-school Blizzard veterans form Frost Giant Studio

In 2020, two video game industry veterans, Tim Morten and Tim Campbell, founded Frost Giant Studios. The two are known for having their hands in some of the best-selling PC game franchises of all time, from Blizzard in their hay-day! Tim Morten as Production Director for Starcraft II, and Tim Campbell for his work as Lead Campaign Designer for Warcraft III. Frost Giant Studios is currently working very hard to develop their first RTS title, which they are expecting to share more details of later this year.

CEO of Kakao Games , Kyehyun Cho said on Frost Giant Studio, “The team at Frost Giant Studios have already proven they have strong development capabilities, creating beloved RTS hits in the global market in the past. “We look forward to seeing them present their first game as a studio, and will actively work together to showcase good work through our close partnership.”

On the investment and partnership with Kakao Games, Frost Giant Studio CEO Tim Morten notes, “Kakao Games is a Publisher recognized in both the Korean and global markets; we are very happy to be working together. With their support, we’ll do our best to present a next-gen RTS game that can be enjoyed by players worldwide.”

The only questions left for gamers right now are, when can we find out more? Frost Giant Studios have indicated that we will find out more later this year. I am sure I am not alone in having my fingers crossed to see something around the time of when E3 would be… And what platforms will the game be releasing on? Will it be PC only, like Starcraft II and Warcraft III? I’m speculating that we could well see this game release on consoles too.

We’ll be sure to keep our eyes peeled for you!

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