Braintonik Game Studio’s upcoming first game Spheriums, is currently in Early Access via Steam. The game is planned to release later this summer and developers Braintonik have been hard at work getting it ready for full release. One of these things was a hired play tester campaign. All the feedback was collated and and required updates have been made in a MASSIVE patch that sees the release of v0.9. See the key upgrades made listed below!

Understanding objectives in Spheriums

Feedback suggested that some players felt a little lost while playing the game, not knowing where to go etc. Addressing this feedback Braintonik introduced an objective system. Braintonik further utilised Kindra, the AI implant in Spheriums, to help the user to accomplish specific objectives. The player will also have access to an ‘Objectives’ page to check their active and completed objectives. This system will assist new players coming into the game to find their feet.

Spheriums updates examples
New objective popping next to compass

Play Spheriums in different play styles

Braintonik added more options to the way players are able to play. Previously, the primary weapons (energy ball, psionic orb, antimatter shell) were good, especially with their associate power up. But sometimes the player was left needing some greater powers. So, Braintonik introduced a secondary power (right mouse button) that gives the same ability as the power-up but requires the use of the players energy store to use. With this extra power, players must be careful to manage between running, using the force field, or having greater power. The skill tree and the battery upgrade become suddenly more important to benefit from this new ability. This is a game-changer and definitely raises the bar in terms of fun factor when playing the game.

Navigation made more accessible

Some players mentioned that they has an issue in navigating the map with no compass. Braintonik have therefore also introduced a compass that now has made navigating a lot more accessible to all players. Making it more straight forward finding items and locating areas of interest.

Braintonik are very proud of the progress being made so far, and the changes will be introduced just in time for the Steam sale starting on June 23rd where there will be a 40% discount! To find out more about Spheriums, check out their Steam page!